Friday, 1 November 2013

Never Ending Story In The Batcave: Part Two of Operation Pink Petticoat

 Well, being laid up like this means that I get to watch all the crappy Halloween style movies and shows.  Being Australian we, as a family, don’t actually celebrate Halloween, but it’s still heaps of fun.  Having said that, I’m a bit wierded out by the Never Ending Story II – it was my favourite movie as a kid.  Only now, with age and experience, it’s seriously the creepiest movie I’ve ever seen.  It beats out Candyman (seen age twelve) The Crush (age 13) and Iron Sky (last week).  Hell, it even beats out Annie (predatory overtones in the chase scene) and a tie between Dot And The Kangaroo/The Camel Boy (child slavery, animal abuse, human rights violations, harsh early settler conditions etc, etc...)

The eighties were not gentle with kids were they?  I think, or suspect that is where I may have learned my compassion.  The movies whacked you upside the head with symbolism, but you sure as hell learned a walloping dose of compassion.  And omigod, that theme song! Catchy, poptastic, positive and totally adorkable!

Someone get going on making me a Giant Flying Dog.  Now.

I never really realised how much writers of the time were semi-sensitive to the native cultures.  In the Never Ending Story, I never realised that the writers borrowed rather heavily from Native American culture.  As a child I had zero concept of race, colour or creed.  I didn’t care much for Bastien, whom I thought remarkable stoopid, and adored Atreyu. Although that as mostly for his ride, admittedly.   ;]

But now, I understand that fairy-tale stories and an amazing sense of adventure were woven together with a multicultural cast and recognition of their respective cultures without a single trace of irony.  They still are the secondary characters in a mostly white cast, but it’s such a strong story that I don’t actually care.  Yeah, you heard me.  I.  Don’t. Care. About. The. Kitsch.

Got a problem with that?

And that’s where I think we went wrong.

Say what now?

Somewhere along the line we got bogged down in reality.  Movies, theatre, film and television need to take a page out of the Never Ending Story book and base you in reality only.  It’s all well and good to bring realism to your writing – so long as you do it with passion.  And THAT’s where we’re going.  Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but the corporations are only interested in making safe money.  They don’t want to risk losing their precious millions for the theoretical billions that are possible if they merely cater to the market they aim at. 

Even this kid looks bored with the latest Superman reboot.

Seriously?  What is it going to take to get us our DC heroine movie?  It’s not like they don’t have material to work with here?  This is the next stage of #OperationPinkPetticoat in case you’re wondering.  If they need a pitch for a super heroine movie that’ll knock their socks off, I got about twenty seven at this point.  I find interesting people fascinating and comic book writers treat their characters with the respect they deserve. It’s the artists that let us all down. 
Remember these guys?




Oh, and these little known characters…

Not to forget…



And of course…

I sense a few origin stories in the force. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that little campaign called, the …Hawkeye Initiative? I’m sure you’ve never even heard of it.

Let’s get this thing started.  Let’s get some diversity on the screen.  The new series of the Agents of Shield and Arrow are pretty good – but they're only nearly there.  With ensemble casts you get the chance to play with different nationalities and cultures. I love it when writers play with a ‘What If’ scenario.  This is why I love Tony Stark’s character so much.  He’s completely unfiltered.  To quote Anthony Hopkins, he’s not crazy, poor people are crazy.  Tony is eccentric! And I have to admit, that with this stupid infection in my leg (for the last time, I’m Fine!) it’s making me approach Stark Industries level of intelligence.  Bit manic, complete with intervention and everything.  It’s been fun.  I’m seriously considering how to build my own suit.

I’m not even joking.

Bring it!


So that’s the catalyst for Operation Pink Petticoat. 

Many thanks to TheMarySue and Batman And His Bitches for the source material! Cheers!

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