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Operation Pink Petticoat Part One

Operation Pink Petticoat Part One – The Germ Of An Idea

This post is going to be quick fast and dirty – try not to get any stains on the carpet.


I hope he has a jock strap for the balls he must be wearing...

By now my campaign has been given a boot up the arse and it’s on it’s first shaking but firm steps.  For those of you who don’t already know, or would like to know what on Middle Earth is hashtag-Operation-Pink-Petticoat, I’ll give you a short and then an epic version of my road to one sparkling, brilliant idea.
What it really boils down to is an understanding that the film industry everywhere – not just in NA, but everywhere – is incredibly cliquey.  You either have to be drop dead sexy and charming, amazingly talented or have the incredible fortune to be ‘discovered’ (more on that later).  The only other way to get work is to know someone.  The whole Film Industry is based around the idea of 'Aw, you're my friend, you need work?  Oh of course, see, I know this guy, right...?'.  It's a narrow minded view of the world and the same people get cast in the same roles for same parts.  "But Friday, you might say, What about Johnny Depp?  He plays different parts!"
You have me there, but let me ask you.  When was the last time you saw him play a straight role? Ah-ha! You had to stop and think for sec right?  He's made a point of taking on odd parts or making really weird choices to up the shock value. Don't jump down my bloody throat about this - he's famous because he takes the roles that no one else wants, or turns them into parodies of himself.


Did you know he wasn't even supposed to be the lead in the Pirates Franchise?  And yet who is it that you remember?


The whole franchise was geared towards Elizabeth Swan's character, but Depp was so damn over the top that the subtleties of every other actor on the set was completely blanched.  And if you listen to the commentary on the first film, you actually hear he and the Jerry Bruckheimer laughing about it, deflecting it into a joke.  But I'm sure some heard that, thought it was great and ran with it in their rabid fandom.  It must have seemed like a Good Idea at the time but... as much as I enjoy Johnny's performances, it seemed a little selfish to me. A good actor would know when to fade into the background and let someone else shine. A great actor would disappear entirely.

Yeah.  I said that..!

So the idea is this: Hollywood is operating on the Dead White Guys version of history and promotes racial segregation, discrimination, Misogyny, racism and general douche-baggery.  Movie executives are supposed to be terrific managers and see trends as they emerge and rise to meet them.  But the trend set by Hollywood, you know the Centre Of The Fricken Universe according to the residents, promotes sexual deviation, perversity, violence and the usual cocktail of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.  Not that I have anything against Rock Music, quite the contrary, I love a good 80s metal hair band.  No, my problem with Rock is the expectations that go along with it, and the behavioural stigmas associated with the genre. Everything in moderation, amiright?

All in favour?!?

You would think that people in ivory towers would occasionally climb down and get their hands dirty with us mere peasants, but no – we have to beg for intelligent entertainment.  I seriously cannot believe that the vast majority of producers and other very powerful corporation owners would completely overlook a huge (and very, Very Lucrative) market regarding at least half the population.


 I’m trying to change the way the world thinks.  I want to give the world a moment of surrealistic pleasure.  I want to give this world a moment we could look back on and actually say out loud “I can’t believe we were like that.” And say it.  Loudly.  In shocked tones. Repeatedly. 
The world is already turning.  Change is upon whether we like it or not.  To borrow from the X-Men, the next stage of human evolution is upon us.  Whether we chose to accept and embrace the change is entirely up to us. 

To me, my X-Men! Make it so!

If I’ve already convinced you here’s the Twitter tag in order to attempt to blow up the internet with the #OperationPinkPetticoat. Fly my pretties!  Have fun storming the castle! Bu-bye!

Cheers, Friday. 

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